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Today proper education meets more obstacles than ever. It is not enough to pat your daughter and son on the head and send them off to school; education is a 24/7 duty.

What the Rebbe Says:

… Education, in general, should not be limited to the acquisition of knowledge and preparation for a career, or, in common parlance, “to make a better living.” And we must think in terms of a ‘”better living” not only for the individual, but also for the society as a whole. The educational system must, therefore, pay more attention, indeed the main attention, to the building of character, with emphasis on moral and ethical values. (Need one be reminded of what happened in our lifetime in a country that ranked among the foremost in science, technology, philosophy, etc.?)

Education must put greater emphasis on the promotion of fundamental human rights and obligations of justice and morality, which are the basis of any human society, if it is to be truly human and not turn into a jungle.

(from the Rebbe’s speech on the Inauguration of “Education Day USA”)

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