Step 5

The Solution

Given the fact that:
  • We all want to get closer to G-d, meaning that we are all ready to change our behavior and start being peaceful, accepting others and not attempting anymore to convert or conquer others…
  • Jews are first to accept their mistakes that drove the Light of G-d to leave the world and brought the nations to destroy Israel like G-d promised
  • Christians and Muslims accept their misunderstanding regarding their own prophets and agree that the prophets didn’t come to cancel Israel and take their place
  • We finally know and accept that Israel has a right to exist and that we shouldn’t force Jews anymore to change their faith
  • Most of Jewish laws can be realized in Israel only, means that Jews cannot have another land that Israel as written in Torah
  • Israel does everything to live in peace with Arabs and Muslims inside Israel and around the Middle East
  • We know that the issue with is Israel is nothing else than a religion issue
  • We know that Israel has been given to the people of Israel by G-d and that the Torah can’t be canceled never ever
  • Jews are praying to get back to Israel with the light of G-d for already 2000 years and they don’t have any other country in the world
  • All the nations are praying daily for the return of G-d in Jerusalem and the world
  • We all know that we are living the “end of times”
  • We are the people who are fighting for truth and not seeking anymore just to be right
  • We all know that the 3rd and last Temple will be a place of peace and prayers for all the nations
  • We all know that the Messiah will come and reveal the truth together with the temple’s reconstruction
  • We all want to live forever in peace enjoying Eternal Life through the light of G-d in the world
  • We all agree that the Temple mount in Jerusalem is the holiest place in the world


Let’s help Jews learn and practice Torah
Let’s help Jews return to Israel
Let’s give Jews the entire land of Israel promised to them by G-d
Let’s help Israel to fight their enemies
Let’s teach and share the truth about Israel
Let’s build, together, the 3rd and last “Holy House” – Jerusalem Temple!

I support Temple’s reconstruction

Join the movement and share the message!

Let's support the place where all the nations would come and pray together

If we all accept the meaning of “getting closer to G-d”,

If we all accept the importance of being closer to G-d,

If we all oblige the mission the humans have to perform the world,

If we all understand the responsibility of Israel to make a place for G-d on the earth,

Let’s do it together. Let’s build this place together!

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