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The Vision

For thousands of years, people have always prayed for a change that will improve their lives. However, whenever they achieved better lives and gained more power and money it made them forget about the need for a real change that is also spiritual.

Today, we are capable of changing our reality in just one click. We can discover the truth and understand our mission as humans and easily share it with others. We are the generation of real changes, we are the generation of Peace. It is the time to realize our dreams and turn the world into what we hope it could be. We just have to do it!

Science, technology, medicine, eternal life… those are the steps we climb as evil makes endless efforts to ruin our world with wars and death.

It is in our hands to make a choice and put our hands together for peace and eternal life instead of deteriorating ourselves to blood and death…

However, I truly believe that we won’t be able to achieve our eternal peace unless we accomplish these few points:
  1. Bring the issue of religions to a final resolution
  2. Accept our mistakes as humans
  3. Accept Israel’s role on earth (among other nation’s role)
  4. Stop claiming that others are wrong
  5. Eliminate the evil in our world
 Consider this:
  1. It is a fact that religion is the cause for every conflict and war in the world today. Even if some people claim that the grounds for war are other than religion they simply hide their evil and hatred.
  2. Accepting our mistakes shall provide a fresh start in order to create a better world. Staying loyal our old ways shall not help us nor any of the others.
  3. Jews are being attacked for thousands of years by other nations and have always been saved by G-d. All these attacks are the result of Jews faults against G-d. Recognizing the role of Jews in the world will help them realize their mission and bring peace to the world.
  4. We mustn’t claim all the others are wrong but simply recognize our mistakes. If we focus on our mistakes, instead of the mistakes of the entire world, it shall bring closer the possibility of worldwide peace.
  5. As long as the evil is among us it will always divide people and make them fight against each other.

Finally, the truth is about to be discovered. We all know that we arrived to the end of times and to the world’s redemption. People who aspire for the truth shall be willing to live in peace with everyone for the only purpose of seeing the light of G-d and the truth. They will be ready to accept the others, accept their own mistakes and faults and achieve Eternal life. People who don’t care about truth and care about being right and are driven by their Ego and evilness, they will keep combating and going on wars, preferring to die than being humiliated by the truth of G-d…

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