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“Who is closer to G-d?”

The first murder in the world has occurred as a result of this argument. Nowadays we keep struggling and fighting over the same issue. What if we can all be close to G-d?


There are many reasons why humans have always seeked ways get closer to G-d. We are given a choice – to get closer or further away from G-d. But how?

A man could attempt a physical intimacy with a woman and get rejected by her or feel intimacy and hatred towards a person at the same time.

Getting closer to someone means that you want to understand his thoughts and follow his ways, trying to accomplish your mutual targets. It is the same when a person wants to get closer to the Creator.

If you wish to get closer to G-d you need to make an effort – if you only WANT it but are not willing to do something about it, then G-d is not truly on your mind. In fact you expect G-d to get closer to you.

Our sages says:

“Make your wishes like his own, so that he will make his wishes like yours.” (Avot 2:4.)

Now, in order to get into the G-d’s “state of mind” and feel closer to Him one needs to learn about G-d’s intentions and targets in this world and follow his ways.

Since G-d is good and peaceful, then one should become peaceful and good hearted.

Since G-d gives life to everyone, even those who are evil – it means that you are also obliged to protect and respect everyone.

Since G-d is the one and only divinity, you ought to connect with all other humans and make all the efforts to unite all of them under. one “humanity” regardless of race, color or gender.

Since G-d loves justice, you are committed to justice and devote all your thoughts and action.

Since G-d is all about truth, you need to pursue the truth as well and stay away from lies.

Overall, you need to keep in mind the reason G-d created you to be part of his world and make every effort to be worthy of his expectations.

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