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Politics or Religions?

Most of the world still insists that the the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis revolves about territories. Their version is so simple: Jews and Palestinians occupied the same land for years, then the Jews founded the State of Israel, as a Jewish state, right in the face of the Palestinians who were living on the same land. As a result the Palestinians were deprived of their land and they are being killed by the Israeli government.


However, anyone who search for the actual truth knows that this is a big lie. It is similar to the false stories that were told about Jesus and others stories in our past. People who wanted to destroy Jews always looked for a good excuse to kill Jews.

13 Facts to Prove that the Conflict is Religious, Not Political

  Who was the first to live in Israel?

When you ask any Muslim or pro-Palestinian: "When did the Palestinians come to live in Israel?" - they wouldn’t know. If the Palestinians were always here, Jews were here since the times of King David and temples, 2.5K years ago and even before at Abraham’s and Jacob’s times.

  Muslims state that the conflict is religious

When you discuss more with Muslims and tell them that Jews were living in Israel for thousands of years since G-d gave them this part of the world, they will admit that after prophet Muhammad, Jews have no more right on Israel. This makes it an ultimate conflict of religion, not of territories.

  Today's Israel was founded inside the territorial limits given by the U.N.

Israel territories have been given to Jews by the UN after 6M Jews killed at the holocaust. If the Arabs wouldn’t start these wars and try to eliminate the Jews and Israel Israel would have never conquered all of the other territories.

  Jews have never kicked Arabs out of Israel

Even after the state of Israel was founded, Arabs and palestinians still lived throughout the state of Israel. Today there’s more than 1.5M Israeli Arabs. They are living much better conditions than under Hamas or Syrian government. So where is the problem?

  Jews were never allowed to enter the "Palestinian" territories

While Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians may live inside the Israeli territories, Palestinians have never allowed Jews to visit their territories and lynched every Jew who ever crossed into their side. Judge by yourself who wants peace and who doesn’t.

  Fighting against Israel had nothing to do with the Israeli territories

People who are fighting against Israel are the same as the ones fighting Jews all around the world. What did European Jews do to them? What have the Jews did to Christians, Germany, Spain and all the people who killed Jews in the past?

  The "Palestinians" are not willing to live in peace with the Jewish people, they don’t want Jews at all

Israel gave the Gaza strip to Palestinians in 2015. The situation became worse than ever. Israel did this as an important step to achieve peace and the first step to achieve a two states solution. The Palestinians referred to this move as a weakness, showing that Israel recognizes that this land doesn’t belong to Jews since they are giving it “back”.

  Such a big deal to give such a small land to Jews?

The Arabs have many territories in the world. The one and only small land Jews are willing is the one God gave them, not less, not more. Why is the world finding such a big issue to give it back to Jews, if it’s not a problem of religion?

  Why did Muslims build their mosque exactly on the place of Jerusalem Temple?

The only place Muslims found to build their Mosque is the exact place where the Holy Temples was built on the temple mount. Do they really respect holy places? Is this not enough to understand that their target of living in Israel is only to remove the Jewish history and power, exactly like some Muslims are doing in Syria and other countries?
Now, you can also understand why even other religions support the Mosque on the Temple Mount (2 states for 2 nations): it helps them keep their right on their religion which had as a target to eliminate the Jewish covenant with God and take their place...

  A full and strong Israel, an issue for christians and muslims (most of the world)

There’s nothing nicer than seeing an old nation like the Jewish people who has never stopped believing in his Torah and in its return to Israel and Temple (3 prayers a day for thousand of years) - coming back to their land after 2000 years of exile and renewing their connection with their land.

  An old jealousy still running

When Jews founded the State of Israel, the land was a desert and they made it one of the nicest places in the world. Why couldn’t other nations just applaud them instead of being jealous? It shows that the real issue is simply the fear of Jews returning to their homeland and becoming as strong as they were 2000 years ago. And even stronger, as it's promised in our prophecies.

  The Temple Mount, an overly sensitive point for a territory conflict...

When Jews are talking about praying on the Temple Mount, the place where the Jerusalem Temple used to be standing and where the Western Wall (the Temple Wall) is still standing, all the world is shocked. Why has this place become so significant if the main issue here is not about religion?

  Are some people scared of the truth?

We all know that if the third temple would have been built and if the Messiah (Mashiach) comes, the truth will be revealed to everyone. Every religion believes in that. We’ll all know the truth about the religions, the territories etc. Why are the Christians and Muslims so scared to give back this place to Jews if they are not scared of revealing the truth to the world… ?

On the image above: Discover Israel – images of the Holy Land .

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