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Since the main religions of today recognize the fact that Torah has been given to Jews by G-d, there is no discussions on what the Torah is telling us.

(The conflict of religions came later when Jews have been sent to exile after the Temple’s destruction, when Christians tried to force Jews to believe in a prophet, announcing a new version of the Torah and a bit later when Muslims tried (and still trying) to force Christians and Jews to believe in their own “last version” of the Torah (the Quran).

So let’s check out into the Torah, the original texts of Torah given by G-d (not by a prophet), and see what are the G-d’s projections for Jews.

  1. G-d has made three covenants with the humanity and the Jews.  2. God’s Promises regarding the Jewish people

1. That He will root the Jews out of their land if they don’t respect the Torah’s laws
2. That even when the Jews turn their back to G-d and go to exile, He will never break the covenant with them
3. That Jews will go to exile among the nations
4. That at the end of the exile He will finally take and gather Jews from all the nations back to Israel (also here)
5. That even after the Jews renounce to the covenant with G-d and go to exile, they’ll use the Torah as an unchangeable proof of the G-d’s covenant with Israel
6. Our Kings should come from our own people, not from other nations, and they should respect Torah
7. Our Prophets should come from our people, not from other nations
8. Jews are sons of G-d and a holy people, chosen from amongst the nations
9. If there comes a prophet, even a Jew, and calls us to serve some other "gods" – he should be killed
10. That we shall not add or diminish even one thing from the Torah

  3. A few proofs that Torah was given from the Above (and even other nations accept that)

1. Most of the texts regarding the story of the Torah (Sinai mount and the rest), are told in the first person testimony to millions of people. “You saw the event”, “you heard G-d speaking”, “you went out from Egypt and saw the miracles” etc etc… things that nobody would accept if it wasn’t true…
2. The Torah was transmitted to the people who saw the covenant, it wasn’t a story telling
3. Millions of people were present at the event when receiving the Torah (all the Jewish people after the exodus from Egypt)
4. Christians and Muslims believe in the Torah since their own story is projected already in Torah and their own religion is taken from Torah
5. If the event of the giving of Torah could be invented, other religions would invent it also to cancel the Torah
6. Many things (places, animals, prophecies) have been discovered only thousands of years after the times of the Torah. No human being could have known these things but G-d.

  4. What the Torah says regarding Ishmael (Arabs in general and Muslims)

1. Ismael (ancestor of Muslims) will be a "wild man"
2. Ismael descendants will become a great nation but will not be a part of the covenant with Abraham’s descendants (also here)
3. Abraham was aware to build his descendance with Ishmael but G-d wanted it with Yitzhak

  5. Why Jews are not allowed to go after other prophets (and of course, can’t believe in New Testament or the Quran)

1. Even those who believe in the so called "New Testament" know and accept that it's only an "anthology" of stories. They have never been certified as “G-d’s words”. There is nothing in it that resembles the official way the Torah was given to Israel by G-d: in the presence of million of witnesses all of whom agreed on the same vision and understanding.
The same case for the Quran: the Muslims believe that Muhammad had a person revelation, but it could never be proved by a single other person.

2. Both the new religions changed the Torah laws. Their followers don’t practice the Torah’s holidays, they eat forbidden foods and all their daily behavior doesn't take into account the Torah’s instructions. However, a real Prophet, as great as he can be, is not allowed to change a word of the Torah.

3. G-d has eternal covenants with Israel. G-d is not changing mind like humans.

4. Even in a case where G-d might change His previous instructions (not likely), He would have officially cancelled his first covenant with Jews and make a new covenant, like the first one, in front of all the world, with a new nation. Nothing of this kind has ever happened. Why should G-d talk to a single person to cancel a covenant he did in front of millions of people?

5. If other nations believe their prophets, nobody from outside the Jewish people could force the Jews to go after their prophet.

6. The Jews are "believers, sons of believers". The Jews can’t believe anything just to believe in something, the seek the truth. When you drive a Ferrari, you won’t believe anyone who would try to sell you a Renault Clio calling it a Ferrari…
(Even though there still are the Jews who just don’t know anything about the Torah, and other people are indoctrinating some Jews in their faith, using their weakness and ignorance).

  6. Why there are so many errors in the translations of the Torah

1. Other religions used different texts to help them prove their very own issues. But they never read the Torah, G-d’s words, that can’t be changed or modified, not even by a prophet

2. If they found some texts to interpret here and there, why don’t they look at this kind of transcription saying clearly that Israel will be to Jews forever, that kingdom of David will be forever and that last temple will be built forever

  7. Why people have cheated and changed the words of their "prophets" in order to steal the Jewish religion

1. In the New Testament and Quran, all the laws of Torah are cancelled or changed. In the Torah there are 613 laws, including the most widely known (like Shabbat, Kosher food, Tefilin, Mezuza, Rosh Hashana, Kippur, Succot, Shavuot etc.). All those rules are clearly written in the Torah and can't be canceled. Knowing (see above) that G-d said clearly that any such thing should not happen, G-d automatically prevented and canceled any of these false prophets for Jews.

2. The New Testament and Quran tell the “story of the world” differently than in the Torah. A story cannot be changed. What ever happened is described in the Torah. Whatever happened, happened. G-d cannot say in the first version that he promised something to Abraham and then in second version say that the promise was to someone else. G-d cannot tell the story of the Creation in one way and retell it totally differently in another version.
There’s probably a true and a wrong version. So if they believe that G-d gave the Torah and that Torah is G-d’s words, how can they believe in someone who will tell a different “story” than G-d Himself?
For example, Muslims pretend that G-d asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael while Torah (G-d) says it was the son Itshak. How can Muhammad, if he speaks in the name of G-d, change the story? And if someone tries to say that Jews have changed the Torah not Muslims, you will have 4 problems in this case:
a. You don’t believe anymore in Torah if it has been falsified. It’s opposing the fact that all nations believes in Torah.
b. Why would Muhammad come 1800 after the Torah to claim truth and not before?
c. Why would the Jews mention Ishmael in Torah if they are falsifying it? They could simply remove Ishmael from all texts and story.
d. Why would Jews write a Torah that would give them so many commitments, commandments, exiles and troubles? If Jews could change Torah they could make it much easier for them… Now you know that Torah is truth and other version are false.

3. If these prophets would come to add something to the Torah or change something, it could be defensible to find something right in them, but they came and changed “everything”, canceled the Torah and told a different story than the one in Torah. So they definitely came to teach their people and nation how to get closer to G-d but not to cancel the Torah or take the place of Jews.

4. If G-d wanted to change his people or cancel a covenant, wouldn’t he be advised by his first people? Jews never heard about it for sure. So why should G-d do this in a secret way, giving a new version to a unique human while he made his first covenant in front of millions of humans and in a way that nobody will contest the event.

5. Oto Oto ha-ish or Muhammad didn’t even say once that they are prophets that came to cancel the Torah or Jews, they just taught their followers some principles and words about G-d and human’s mission. Most (95%) of their teachings were taken from Torah and the Jewish prophets. Instead of respecting these respectable person and go after their teachings, some people started to use their name to take the control of the world. Here is the mistake. Respecting these “prophets” should drive people to respect others and G-d, not killing people and forcing others to believe in them.

6. Truth doesn't need to kill people to believe in it. The reason why Christians and Muslims needed to kill many people at the beginning or their religion is because nobody would believe in them otherwise. The Torah is the only version of G-d's words that didn’t need to kill people to believe in it and that are not trying to convince people to be Jewish. Whoever learns it, believes in it.

  8. Why the Jews have never changed a word of the Torah

1. After 2000 years of exile when all Jews were lost among the nations, without any ways of communication, they finally met again in Israel and find out that they all have same Torah, word per word, nothing has been changed for thousands of years.
2. If Jews wanted to change the Torah regarding some points, they would first change some laws among the 613 heavy laws. But one of them has been changed...
3. How could the Jews accept or write in the Torah that will be a time where they will be lost and killed by the nations. Are they crazy? or this Torah is simply true and give by G-d without being changed ever?
4. Do you know one folk in the history that have conquered one small territory and taken as a commitment not to go over its limits? Why would Jews write or accept without making any change to be limited in the limits of the Israel G-d gave them?
5. If Jews would have in their intention to remove Ishmael from the history of Abraham and G-d, why did they leave the story with Ishmael in Torah? Why would they keep a phrase where Abraham is asking G-d to give him the descendance with Ishmael? Are they just stupid or it’s just because the Torah has never been changed and is telling only truth and G-d’s words?
6. Why and how could the Torah predict the exile of Egypt and other exiles if it wasn't G-d’s willing and prediction and the Jews never changed any words in Torah?
7. Story has proven that when Jews kept Torah they were going well and when not they were going very bad.
8. Jews might have loved to keep a Torah with less commitment. If they don’t it’s because they just can’t accept it.

  9. Why the "founders" of the new religions can’t be the Messiah?

1. The Messiah has been first mentioned in Torah, so the Jews are well placed to know about Messiah more than any other nation. The Jews knows exactly what’s going to be when the Messiah comes, which of the commandments we’ll respect or will change or not etc. For ex. We know (Zohar - Kabbala) that Shabbat will never stop and that the 7th Millennium will be all Shabbat.
2. So, no doubt, that other religions are wrong about the Messiah. Enough to understand that the people who forced others to believe in Oto ha-ish as a Messiah are the same who forced Jews to stop practicing their religion.
3. A Messiah is a human that will finally bring peace to the region, rebuild the Jerusalem Temple, gather Jews in Israel and teach the world Torah. Only after that he will be the Messiah.
4. Messiah will gather the Jews in Israel and rebuild the Temple. He is not the one who'll kill them or support ideas like "two states for the two nations" (while the "Palestinians" are sitting with their mosque on the Jewish Temple’s place).
5. The Messiah can’t force people to believe in him since all his challenge is to gather the Jews and teach them Torah without killing them. If G-d wanted to force Jews or the world to believe in anything, he could create a perfect world from the beginning with believers only…
6. Other nations have been projected by G-d as people who will kill Jews when they won’t keep Torah. So Jews knows exactly the purpose of these nations and their goal in the world.
7. When the Messiah will be revealed, most of the Jews will first recognize and accept him. Other nations will also support him later. Not the opposite…
8. The people who are claimed to be "the Messiah" of those new religions never called themselves that way. Those claims were invented by others - hundreds of years after their passing.


We are all right and all wrong. We are all right because finally, we believe that everything came from G-d and is intended for our good.

G-d created different nations in order to complement one another and make the world progress and thrive. It’s like a big family, we are all different but this makes us a family.

However, when people start inventing their different versions of the truth and faiths for their own profit they abuse their true mission in the world.

We can think we are right but remembering that we can also be wrong. Feel close to G-d but remembering that we are so far away from Him. Going in our way but still knowing that there are more ways…

It is time to be united, accepting each other, in peace and love and praying G-d to reveal His Light that will open our mind and reveal us the truth that we’ll all see clearly.

For more knowledge of the truth, just open the Torah in English (here). You won’t believe how the world could be so blind during so many years… maybe just because internet has showed up only few years ago? Definitely possible and this is what G-d promised us – to reveal the Torah to the nations at the end of the exile…
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