Step 4

The Time of Redemption

Following Torah’s predictions and the word of the true prophets, we know that by now we have arrived to the new epoch – The Time of Redemption. What is it?
Here’s what the Torah says:
  • Towards the end (70 to 85%) of 6th millennium G-d will reveal his light to humans (Zohar)
  • At the end of that period the dead will resurrect (Zohar)
  • According to our laws and prophecies, the resurrection will come around 40 years after the redemption, meaning that redemption cannot be later than in 5810 (that is, around the next 35 years)
  • Just before the coming of Messiah the world will be in a big turmoil, even Jews will experience dark times (read more:, make a search “Footsteps of the Messiah”)
  • Just before the coming of Messiah, Ishmael will conquer 4 countries. He will be about to dominate the world and be present all over the world before his fail and total defeat
  • The Jews will be brought back to their land on “eagles wings”
  • The Jews will finally change their ways. They will return to the Torah, join together in the land of Israel and build a Temple for all the nations to pray (see here: and here:
  • Evil will finally be removed from the world and peace will reign in the world
  • Sick people will heal, the blind will be able to see again. Humans will no more suffer or be handicapped
  • The truth about everything will finally show up and everybody will know recognize it
  • Hidden secrets of Torah will be revealed to the world by Messiah
  • The only kingdom that will finally stay will be the kingdom of Messiah, in Israel
  • There will be no more death after the coming of Messiah, in a later time

Looking through these points, you should now, by yourself, know that we are living the times of Messiah, the end of times, when the world will change and become peaceful for humans and enough holy for G-d to reveal His Light.

Check the examples below to see how the world is heading to the final redemption:
  • The world is now connected and being more connected every day to allow the nations to discover each others and live in peace
  • World is upside down. Even if from one side we are stepping ahead towards peace, in the other side people have no more respect and morality. There’s an abundance but everything is more expensive everyday
  • Ishmael (Islam) is well settled all over the world and about to conquer more countries
  • Jews are returning to Israel from all over the world by plain (“eagle wings”) and are well settled even if their enemies are still standing up
  • Torah’s secrets are already revealed to the world everywhere on the web and continuing to be spread all around
  • Truth about everything is showing up. Facebook, wikileaks, Periscope and other tools help to spread the truth about everyone, even about presidents and powerful people
  • Scientist and more are working hard and promising eternal life to all humans very soon
  • Science is about to heal any sickness in the world, restore sight to blind people and allow handicaps to walk again
  • 3D printers and science are about to repair any body, skin or replace a missing limb
  • The exact copy of the Jerusalem Temple has been build in Sao Paulo as a preparation to the Temple in Jerusalem. The world talks about and intend to rebuild the symbol and physical place for God’s light to be revealed in the world…

On the image above: Discover Israel – images of the Holy Land .

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